Webaze Outage

Regarding the Webaze outages

Over the last few days, our service Webaze (webaze.net) had some outages regarding all Webaze services. These services are used every day by many users and we apologize for the inconvenience due to the outages.

All Tubitor systems (i.e. Webaze as well) are automatically monitored 24/7 and our team is notified immediately if a new incident occurs. This allowed us to respond to every incident within a few minutes. Although we always got Webaze services back online after a maximum of 40 minutes, they went back down after a certain time due to an issue on our servers.

After multiple hours of investigating the issues and trying to resolve them, we’ve been personally monitoring the service status multiple hours since then and are now ready to report that we fixed the issues and Webaze services are back available again.

Affected by this outage:

  • Shortlink generation
  • Shortlink redirections
  • Sitemap generator
  • Broken link check
  • SQL Playground

Published on 20/02/2022

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